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Sarah Grace
United States
I am a part of the :iconnavigatorsofthemist: If you're interested, and I hope you are, you should look into joining it yourself, or at least maybe read some of our deviations for the group, which is what the vast majority of my own deviations will be centered around.


"To others it may seem she was staring blankly into space, not paying attention and being vague, but that wasn't true. Though they yelled at her for it, they just didn't understand. Behind her eyes, a whole new world was coming alive. Colors and creatures more fantastic than imagination itself lived in her heart and mind, whispering of their adventures to her. So while to the rest of the world she may seem like a time waster, she is in reality the magician of a brave new world just waiting to appear." Written by Mikifreaky92
So this semester is coming to an end (finals are next week, actually, send luck!!), I'll be finally settling into a new rhythm for work. That's right - staying up until three in the morning and waking up just in time for work! But seriously, I will be putting the proper amount of work into the Misadventure story Ankdros and I wrote as well as...actually...keeping on top of the....monthly NOTM prompts... I missed last months, okay, time got completely away from me and I forgot. I actually just always put shit off until the last moment and totally forgot I had work the night it was due by I am the worst pirate

Anyway! I will be putting most of my effort into Misadventures and working on the several other story ideas I've gotten. I still want to rewrite Sarah Grace's story from joining the BFP until the Shift, as well as do some things with Kasatka. And I've gotten too many ideas for stories to possibly work with - ideas I've had before, new ideas... Watching Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them might have...a lot to do with one of the major ideas I want to work with...

I do plan on transferring to a university in the Fall, and working until that point. There are other plans in the works but we'll see how that all plays out, I think. So for now, I'll going to hop off. Goodnight guys!! Also, how're you guys enjoying Sun and Moon, those of you playing of course. What are your teams looking like?

Journal History

Ankdros and I wrote a 40-odd page long thing, how should I upload it? 

6 deviants said Post the parts in increments, so it'll be up sooner but you have to wait for updates (maybe once a week).
2 deviants said Multiple posts all at once? This means it won't get posted for a little longer.
1 deviant said Other? Comment below!


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Happy belated birthday!
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Happy birthday, and may your new year of life be even more beautiful and lovely than the last! I still have your chocolates btw, it's just that I haven't had the chance to send them off with all the busy stuff I've got going on. But I will muster my energy soon~!
little-blind-mouse Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Thanks a bunch~~ And take your time! I'm not going to rush you, I promise~
DeeryDeerth Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
You're always welcome, and thanks for your patience as well. It's really appreciated. ;w; <33
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Thanks for the Llama!:D (Big Grin) 
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