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My Model by little-blind-mouse My Model :iconlittle-blind-mouse:little-blind-mouse 3 3
Misadventures - Part Five
Kasatka stood openmouthed after Daemara and where she’d vanished for several breaths before finally turning back to Sandro who had fallen to the ground, physically shaking without the magic of the pendant. The excruciating hunger he had been so glad to be rid of had returned with a menace, making the ghost grit his teeth and clench his fists. When the echoing laughter had finally died away, he forced himself to turn his head in Kasatka’s direction. At the very least, he had one card still up his sleeve. “K-Kas…” He forced the noise out, trying to work the name around what felt like a swollen throat. She put a hand to his shoulder and he jerked, pain blossoming beneath her touch.
“There’s a woman…in town,” he gasped out. “She’ll have…a green ribbon in her hair.”
“What’s her name?” Kasatka asked, already standing.
“I… I don’t know. She’s tall with black hair.”
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Welcome 2017 by little-blind-mouse Welcome 2017 :iconlittle-blind-mouse:little-blind-mouse 3 0
NOTM Bounty 17 - Thank You
I could feel the world pitching like a ship in forty foot waves for some time before things finally stilled again and something cold was pressed against my back. Blackness surrounded me on all sides and little snippets of memories came back to me, quiet and distorted.
“Are you alright?”
That was before the darkness. Now I was laying completely still but someone was prodding at my body, cutting away my clothes. I wanted to sit up, to stop them and say I was fine. But I wasn’t fine. Even in the blackness, something was wrong. I was too cold and my shoulder… Oh god, my shoulder was on fire.
Faintly, like I was listening through a keyhole, voices reached out to me.
“Bullet wound to her shoulder and significant blood loss. She looks dehydrated and possibly hypothermic.”
“I’m not going anywhere.”
The blackness pressed in on me, a choking silence that drowned out every sensation. I was in the blackness for what felt like an eternity before
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Misadventures - Part Four
Kasatka stared at the shadows that had seemed to absorb the strange, cloaked woman. Sandro’s very low groaning snapped her back to attention and she knelt by his side. It was strange, seeing her own body shaking on the ground, and she suddenly realized just how very small she was – he had curled in on himself, trying to hide his head. Giving herself a shake, though, Kasatka focused on Sandro.
“You need to get the pendant. You have to!”
Sandro could barely hear her voice despite his senses steadily sharpening. He could feel Kasatka’s presence beside him, hear the clattering of feet and hooves hardly a block away. It was all faint at first, but grew louder and more acute. Slowly, Sandro forced himself to flex his hands, having left crescents in the tough flesh of Kasatka’s hand. For a moment, Kas thought he had passed out and she considered going to the ship and finding help but, finally, he moved. Coughing harshly, he twisted onto his side, sen
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Secret Santa - Gifts for Sandro
Nearly every citizens of Sinda turned to stare after the large black dog that barreled through the city streets with a fairly large leather bag between her teeth. The sun had set not even an hour ago and yet it was as if the entire populace of Detica had converged on the one little fishing village, filling the streets. Horses stamped their hooves as the dog darted beneath them, their riders shouting obscenities after her.
Heading for the docks, the dog slowed as she neared the heart of town. Sinda had all its businesses settled right up against the wharf and people were all out shopping for gifts. Growling softly, the dog darted into the shadows of a narrow alley. There was a noise like a gust of wind from the alley and, a moment later, a young woman with dark red hair. Barefoot and clad in leather clothing designed for ease of movement and not warmth, the girl hurried into the streets, clutching her bag tightly. People bumped into her as she headed toward the dock, the cacophony of th
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Misadventures - Part Three
Returning to the crew’s quarters, Sandro and Kasatka sought a quiet corner to figure out what they could do while Nadheera figured out a way to resolve their problem. Kasatka was only slightly grateful to be in Sandro’s ghostly form – she didn’t feel tired or hungry, even after their terrible long day, but she knew Sandro was surely thinking the exact opposite.
Sandro was sitting in one of the cots, trying to stay calm. He could feel his heartbeat in throat, trying to figure out his thoughts. What could they do in the meantime?
Finally, Kasatka spoke. “You should eat, then get some sleep.”
Sandro looked to her and blanched. He’d completely forgotten all it took to take care of a body. That meant food and sleep and… “Oh no…” He said, realizing that if Nadheera didn’t come up with something very soon, he’d eventually have to go to the bathroom… He suddenly realized that he hadn’t realized how honest
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Show and Tell by little-blind-mouse Show and Tell :iconlittle-blind-mouse:little-blind-mouse 0 0
Misadventures - Part Two
Part Two
Sandro was the first to come to, wavering a bit with a pounding headache. The last thing he remembered was Daemara’s stupid smirk, the sparkles swirling around them like a tornado and then they were forced to the ground. He looked around, trying to find Kasatka. They’d both been dragged down by the sparks, and if it had affected him even in his ghostly form, had that force hurt the shapeshifter? A horrible headache made his head swim.
After a while, he managed to just turn his head in search of Kasatka. But when he looked, he saw that she had gone. Wondering if maybe his vision was just taking a while to clear up, he didn’t think much of it when he noticed his muscles aching. A second later, though, he stilled. He didn’t have muscles, nor a body, to feel pain. He went to touch his face and saw that what should’ve been his own hands were not his own, too dark-skinned and feminine, and very real. Sitting up in a rush, his head swam like it was fille
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NOTM Bounty 15 - The Floating Island
Before I ever opened my eyes, I knew I wasn’t where I had fallen asleep. Instead of my own, very comfortable bed, I was laying on the hard and dusty ground. There was a cool wind blowing wisps of hair into my face as I sat up, rubbing my eyes. The breeze cut through my thin shirt and I had to hug my arms to my chest, moving only to rub my toes to keep them from going numb. Standing up, rocks beneath my sock-clad feet made me wince. All around, glassless windows filled three of the four walls around me, letting in strong sunlight. Ahead was a huge doorway, at least twice as tall as me. Stepping carefully around sharp bits of stone, I headed for the door, taking hold of the freezing handle and twisting it. Pushing the door open took a great deal of shoving, to the point where I had to brace myself – hard to do in a pair of socks on a dusty floor – and shoulder the doorway just open enough that I could slip through the door.
As soon as I stepped outside, my stomach dropp
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Misadventures - Part One
Kasatka was just as surprised as Sandro when they were paired up for a small mission into Urdun. The shapeshifter was growing tired of the technological city, but they’d heard from Maggie that they’d be leaving the strange island soon. She wasn’t overly fond of the city when they’d first arrived and the prospect of leaving was something she was looking forward to. Still, Maggie had asked them to check something out in the city, though Kas hadn’t caught what it was they were looking out for.
Sandro was waiting by the dock, a bit surprised that he’d been paired with Kasatka. He hadn’t interacted with her much and wasn’t quite sure what to think of her. When he saw her approaching – rather, her somewhat familiar shape of a large black dog approaching – he offered a small smile. “Ready to go, Kasatka?” He said in his soft voice as he stood, his coat rustling a bit in an unseen wind.
Approaching the ghost, Kasatka looke
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NOTM Bounty 14 - Beneath the Waves
       The sun beat mercilessly down on the sea, seeking out the little dinghy that bobbed alone on the surface. Within the boat, a young man called Thomas lay flat on his back, trying to find some solace from the sun. But his tiny dinghy provided no shade, no seats to crawl beneath. He draped an arm across his sunburnt face, smacking his dry lips. He’d been aboard a merchant vessel, having bought his way onto the boat for passage. A storm had hit them about four days into their journey when the storm hit. At first, things had been fine – their mast had snapped, sure, but the ship hadn’t sunk. That night though, with no way to steer, the ship brushed against an iceberg and went down pretty quickly. Not everybody made it to a lifeboat.
       After a week in the dinghy, with no food and little water, the three men that had made it to the dinghy with him had died. The first and second drank from the sea and had gone delirious, suc
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Doormat Mushroom by little-blind-mouse Doormat Mushroom :iconlittle-blind-mouse:little-blind-mouse 3 3
Bounty 13 - Smuggled Gifts
A young boy, perhaps thirteen years of age but about the size of someone three years younger, sat huddled in the cold outside a dark building. Snow had started to fall just hours earlier and his terribly thin clothes did little to stop the chill from seeping into his skin, down to his very bones until he was nearly frozen. His fingers, long since numb, clutched at his shirt and breath hung almost mockingly about him.
People walked quickly past him, little more than a blur of people who didn’t even bother to look at him. He knew their apathy was a combination of simply not caring for him, but the law prevented them from helping. Those who could not care for themselves could leave or perish. Those that helped were persecuted and punished, sometimes harshly.
And so the boy sat silently, not expecting anything from any of those that passed him. His toes had gone numb long before a shadow fell across him and didn’t move. After a moment, he looked up, his pale eyes looking up int
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DeviantArt Sweet 16! by little-blind-mouse DeviantArt Sweet 16! :iconlittle-blind-mouse:little-blind-mouse 0 0
Mature content
Bounty 12 - Regeneration :iconlittle-blind-mouse:little-blind-mouse 0 0


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Sarah Grace
United States
I am a part of the :iconnavigatorsofthemist: If you're interested, and I hope you are, you should look into joining it yourself, or at least maybe read some of our deviations for the group, which is what the vast majority of my own deviations will be centered around.


"To others it may seem she was staring blankly into space, not paying attention and being vague, but that wasn't true. Though they yelled at her for it, they just didn't understand. Behind her eyes, a whole new world was coming alive. Colors and creatures more fantastic than imagination itself lived in her heart and mind, whispering of their adventures to her. So while to the rest of the world she may seem like a time waster, she is in reality the magician of a brave new world just waiting to appear." Written by Mikifreaky92

Tagged - Pokemon Questions!

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 6, 2017, 11:38 PM
Your Title - version 2.0


Alright so I got tagged by Diluculi and I’ve been really inactive (and bombarded by writers block) so I’m going to do the meme I was tagged for and a meme I wasn’t tagged for but wanted to do for the heck of it.

Rules: Tag 8 people you want to get to know better!
Ankdros BlizzardBlitzer DeeryDeerth lunadomo NordicTwin Sharkiey (yeah, I'm only tagging six, sorry not sorry xD)

Name: Sarah, Grace, Suki (if you're Luna), Mouse, Jellypup and I'm not sure what else people call me

Star Sign: Rat in the Chinese Zodiac, Aquarius in the Western Zodiac

Average hours of sleep: I try to get at least eight or nine, but I did sleep some eleven hours last night

Lucky numbers: 

Last thing I Googled: "Western Zodiac"

My first upload: So I have had two accounts, this being my second. So the first upload to this account was Beautiful Nightmare - Ch. 1 which is... It's a thing. The other is an image that will mess up how this is all formatted so I'm not going to link it. Still, I leave them both up so I can see how far I've come!

Amount of watchers: 117 ^-^

What I post: Mostly fantasy/fiction literature and photography

Blog posts: Mostly updates 

Do I get a lot of comments? Not as many as I would like, I guess

Why I chose this username: So, my username used to be Sutsuki-Sensei and it was just something that I grew out of and wanted to change so I went with LittleBlindMouse because 1. I'm short, 2. I don't have the best eyesight, and 3. Mouse is one of my nicknames


The basics!

Name: Just call me Sarah or Grace

Sexuality: Asexual

Gender: Female

Age: I turned 21 a little more than two weeks ago!

Eye color: Blue-grey

Hair color: Blonde

What are some of your hobbies? Reading, writing, being a chair-potato on youtube

What languages do you speak? English, I can get by in Spanish (not for long, though) and I know a smattering of Danish , Italian, and American Sign Language! A few words in French and German, as well.

Do you play an instrument? I took a piano class in high school but I haven't touched a keyboard in years.

Do you play any sports? Nope, haven't played any sports since... My freshman year of high school, probably.

Do you have any pets? I do! Two cats, Artemis and Apollo, and then Kaci's dog Bella and the family dog Sacagawea.

Piercings: Just my ears are pierced. Not particularly interested in any more piercings, honestly.

Tattoos: Two, technically. Three pawprints on my left collarbone/shoulder and then the Thieves Guild shadowmark on my right shoulder blade. I do want so many more!

What time is it right now? it is currently 21:54!

Favorite food: I'm such a slut for sushi, but I do love chicken and dumplings as well.

Favorite color: Purple and white

Favorite animal: Alright, I adore orcas, wolves and owls on about the same level.

Favorite movie: Hmm... I'd have to say Howl's Moving Castle or Spirited Away, but I did watch Moonlight with my sister the other night and that had some of the best character development I've seen in years and it's something everybody should watch.

Favorite quote: That'd be either "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." or "Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." I could list a thousand quotes here, but I'll leave it at those two.

Favorite drink: Blue mountain dew and, recently, Minute Made Juice of varying flavors, though I think Kiwi Strawberry is my favorite of them.

Favorite happy memory: One of my favorites was when I met lunadomo! Some...eight years ago? We'll go with that. I was still living in Virginia at the time, so either sixth or seventh grade for me, I was super into Ourworld and there was this cafe that you could go to and talk with people and there was one person that was like, really emotional and I decided to try to cheer them up. Eight years later, Luna is the best friend I think I've ever had!

Favorite flower: So I've always been a fan of carnations, but I do also love really pale pink peonies!

Favorite scent: I'd have to go with vanilla or 'peach and mango'.

Favorite TV series: I'm not that big on TV shows as a whole, but I'd have to go with either 'Lost' or 'Criminal Minds'

Favorite Anime: Okay, so I'm about to go on an anime binge to get out of the six animes that I watch, but I'm going to have to go with 'Fruits Basket' as my favorite. It's just so good!

Favorite game: I can't lie, my absolute favorite games of all time are Pokemon, Jak and Daxter, and Skyrim.

Favorite YouTube: Now this one... Ooph. I have to pick Cryaotic and Jacksepticeye. Cry because he's so calming but also extremely entertaining and Jack is just such a modest person and never fails to make me feel 100 times better and he's just the greatest. I'll also say that I've been binge watching Miniladd and these videos have had me laughing so hard I can't breathe and I'm just making that noiseless laughing where you get a massive headache and you have to pause so you can BREATHE again xD

Favorite mythical creature: I would love to say something more original, but I can't lie - definitely the dragon, with mermaids being a close second.

Favorite author: You know, I might have to go with Brandon Mull. He wrote the Fablehaven series and I have to recommend it to anybody that hasn't read it. It may be for the children/young teens demographic, but it's got things that I think adults can appreciate.

Favorite name: I'd have to go with Sarah or Grace (or both) for girls, and definitely Nicholas 

Favorite Season: Winter, no contest. I love the cold and being able to leave my bedroom window open at night and making a nest in my blankets~

Favorite show when you were a kid: Pokemon, easy. I ran home to watch as much as I could!

Favorite ice cream flavor: Cookies and Cream probably takes the crown.

Have you always known your sexuality? Definitely not. I didn't really know that asexuality was a thing until probably my freshman year of college (so Fall 2014) and didn't actually accept it until November of 2014. I've only been able to say that I am asexual for a little over a year, maybe a year and a half. And despite my parents not accepting that label, I understand that that's what I am and, you know what, I'm okay with that. I don't think there's anything wrong with me anymore.

Do you want to marry one day? I would like to marry someday, but I have a hard time imagining it'd be even remotely soon. If I do marry, I want it to be with the right person


Pokémon Asks
I'm not going to tag anybody specifically to do this, but if you play Pokemon in any capacity, I'd love to see someone else answer some of these!

What is your favorite grass type? A toss up between Treecko (the first starter I ever used) but I also adore Whimsicott.

What is your favorite fairy type? Togekiss! I would say Gardevoir but I started using a Togekiss after the main story of Alpha Sapphire and she just wrecks everything!

Who were your team members in Pokémon Sun/Moon? So, I still haven't actually finished Moon yet and I'm not sure if I'll switch anybody out but I'm using Decidueye, Midnight form Lycanroc, Golisopod, Raichu, Salazzle and Sliggoo! If anything, I'll switch Sliggoo out for something else but I'm not sure. (Edit: I've switched Sliggoo out with Jangmo-o).

Which Pokémon annoyed you so much, that you ended up using a repel: I'm pretty sure we've all used repels to ward off Zubats but I got so sick of dealing with Spinda's in RSE (ruby/sapphire/emerald). Other than that, it's usually just Zubats that I get tired of dealing with.

How many times have you completed the Pokédex? I haven't but I'm three away from getting the Oval and Shiny Charms in Alpha Sapphire! I just need the three legendary birds before I get the charms!!

What is your favorite ghost type? I really love Pumpkaboo but Aegislash is so useful too.

If you were a gym trainer, what would be your specialist type? I would love to be a dragon type gym leader, but I think it'd be more interesting to be a Dark type leader as well.

What is your favorite gen one Pokémon? Dragonair, hands down, but I do really love Arcanine

What team do you belong to in Pokémon Go? I joined Team Mystic, but I really love Spark and wish I could change teams and join Instinct.

Your favorite Pokémon generation: Before Sun and Moon came out, my answer would easily have been RSE or ORAS (omega ruby/alpha sapphire) but I'm starting to really lean towards Sun and Moon.The only thing that might keep me from keeping it as my favorite is the goddamn cut scenes are so...fucking...long.

What is your favorite water type? For the idea behind it, I'd say Suicune. But for usability, hands down, my answer is Milotic. Just like with Togekiss, I started using her after the main story of Alpha Sapphire and she is amazing! She's bulky as hell and hits like a truck.

What is your favorite region in Pokémon?  Hoenn! I'm such a Hoenn baby and while I do enjoy some of the areas in Alola, I hate having to constantly use Charizard to fly all over the place.

What is your favorite ice type? Lapras probably, but Alolan form of Vulpix and Ninetails are both really beautiful!

Your favorite Eeveelution:  Espeon has always been my favorite. It's just always the most useful to me, its psychic typing and and stats always suited my team whenever I got the change to use it.

Your favorite legendary/mythical Pokémon: Probably Suicune or Latias or Lugia. I also adore the design of Xerneas.

Who is your favorite travelling companion from the anime? From the anime... Oh god, I haven't watched the anime in absolute ages.

Your favorite fire type: Quilava! I've always loved Quilava's design, but I've really grown fond of Salazzle.

Your all-time favorite Pokémon: Oh God... I don't even know. I might have to go with Dratini/Dragonair, to be honest. 

Do you nickname all your Pokémon, only some or none? I used to nickname all of them, then started nicknaming all but Legendaries, but I've stopped that with the most recent games. Now I jsut nickname those I intend on using on my team.

Ruby or Sapphire? Sapphire! I didn't play Ruby until years after it came out.

What is your favorite regional variant? I love, love, LOVE, absolutely adore Alolan Ninetails and Marowak

Favorite Ship in the Games? I hardcore ship N and Touko (female protagonist from Black and White), but also ship Dawn and Lucas from DPP.

Have you found any Shiny Pokemon? I've found a lot, actually. The first time I ever found one was in Platinum, where I found a shiny Starly. Following that, I've found a shiny Wingull, Pidgey, Ditto, Ralts and Scrafty! I've also got a fair few from Wonder Trading, but I don't really count them.

If you could live in any town from any game, which would you live in? I would really love to live in Fortree, in Hoenn. I could also be tempted by Slateport city. Or Lilycove... Or Mossdeep! Can I just live in Hoenn and call it a day? Though I'd want to vacation to Nimbasa city in Unova for the Ferris Wheel, and Ambrette town in Kalos for the aquarium. Also Humilau in Unova... I'd also love to live in or visit gate City in the Orre Region (Gale of Darkness)!!

Favorite Gym Leader? I've always really loved Morty from HGSS for his character, Winona from RSE/ORAS for her gym puzzle and character design

Favorite Professor? I might have to go with Kukui on this one, but professor Willow is a really close second. Professor Krane from Gale of Darkness is also pretty great.

Favorite villain organization? I have to say, I fell head over heels in love with Team Skull, but I do still really love Teams Aqua and Magma.

Favorite movie? I have always loved Pokemon Heroes! The setting (it's based on Venice, come on) but it features Latios and Latias in a way that always makes me really emotional. Destiny Deoxys, Spell of the Unown, Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea are all pretty great.

Favorite non-main game? Gale of Darkness! It always feels like nobody has ever heard of it but it'd such a good game!

Favorite Trial Captain? I love Acerola - she's just really precious!

Favorite rival? This is a toss up between Brendan and Gladion. And he's technically not a rival, but I love the relationships between Ethan and Lyra in HGSS, and Dawn and Lucas in DPP.

Hardest gym battles you've had? I've never had that many problems with gym leaders, but I'd have to say either Clair from HGSS (dragon type gym leader and you've got very little options that are strong against dragons is annoying) but Fantina in DPP always troubled me for some reason. Elsa from BW/B2W2 also gave me trouble because of her stupid Emolga. Valerie from XY, also, gave me trouble cause it was when I was still getting used to what was effective against fairies. I ended up going all the way back to the Chateau to catch a Honedge and train it up to an Aegislash to use against her and still barely won.

Hardest champion? I had the most trouble with Gary in FRLG. Cynthia was also a hard fought win, but I think I've only gone against her once and don't remember having THAT much trouble.

Hardest battle ever? By far, the hardest battle I've ever had is one I've never even completed - the battle against Master Greevil in Gale of Darkness. Now, if you've never played Gale of Darkness, you're playing through the game only able to catch the Shadow Pokemon (pokemon that have had their hearts closed off to turn them into fighting machines) from other trainers (that you need to purify before they can level and evolve). Now, combining this with the fact that there are only some nine wild pokemon available in the Orre region. Now, the idea of the battles are to capture as many of the opponents shadow pokemon as you can and knocking out their regular pokemon. This means that you've only got a certain amount of Pokemon to choose from. You start with an Eevee and get to evolve it into your choice of Flareon, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Espeon or Umbreon. Now, there are 83 shadow pokemon available in Gale of Darkness, not counting the nine that you can catch, the three you can trade for, or the Eevee you start with. Now, considering that the last six you can't use in this battle, that means you've got a whopping 90 pokemon from gens one to three to build your team. My team usually ended up being Espeon/Umbreon, Ampharos, Gardevoir, Walrein/Dewgong, and a handful of shadow pokemon. Keeping all this in mind, you're going against Greevil, somewhat weakened after two incredibly difficult battles against his sons/half a dozen or more lackeys). You battle him in two stages - the first stage is a battle against his Shadow Lugia, in which most players usually use their Master Ball to easily catch. Then you're going against his actual team - Rhydon, Tauros, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres and Exeggutor. ALL BLOODY SIX OF THESE ASSHOLES ARE SHADOW POKEMON! Now, you can simply knock them all out and then catch them later in battles against Miror B. But if you're like me, you try your hardest to catch them the first go around like a MAN! Seriously, though, I never beat this guy. To this day. I want to make it a point to play through and beat his snobby tail into the ground

And that's the end of it! This took much longer than intended, but ah well. Maybe I'll set up my Wii and play some of XD tomorrow...? We'll see. Anyway! I'm going to let you guys go now and finish up this video/couple of videos before bed. Goodnight guys!

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